SPS Group: Leading with innovation, forward thinking, commitment and hard work

At SPS Group, we solve problems for our clients. Public safety requires a different kind of thinking, a different kind of commitment. As lifelong police officers and public safety professionals, we couple education, training, real-life experience and plain hard work to figure out the best path, then lead our clients there.

We work WITH our clients to help them help themselves. We don't sell you a fish - we rent you the boat, teach you to fish, then help you build your own boat so that in the future, you can solve problems on your own.

Many solutions are only effective when the workers actually understand the problem and implement the solution. As trainers, we can provide online training solutions as well as traditional classroom training, or a combination of both. We can help you revise your policies and procedures, then develop effective training modules to train current and future employees, gaining compliance and ensuring accountability. We provide you with the training development documentation, instructor and student materials, and other documents that you need to properly archive your training efforts.

SPS can build and host your company or agency online school, helping you to develop and teach your own courses. We can develop your school initially, then train your personnel to slowly take over the teaching, development and record-keeping tasks and becoming self-sufficient.

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